11 trendy bathroom scales to keep a tab on weighty issues

11 trendy bathroom scales to keep a tab on weighty issues--One of the accessories that should get its due importance when one thinks of bathroom accessories is the bathroom scale. With all the junk food culture and obesity on rise, it has become essential for everyone to keep their weight in check. So when health and fitness awareness amongst the masses is growing it is good to have a weighing scale and keep a regular tab on your weight. And keep track of your weight in a stylish way; there are lot of trendy and modern bathroom scales available today. So a bathroom scale that goes with the other bathroom accessories perfectly well and one that suites your bathroom interiors would be just the right one for you. Victorian Plumbing houses some of the best bathroom scales the traditional as well as the modern digital ones. One can choose amongst the wide variety of scales, the best one that suites your bathroom.

1.  White bathroom scale

The white bathroom scale goes well with almost any type of bathroom interior.  Care has to be taken that one should keep white accessories clean and sparkling.

2.  Trendy mosaic bathroom scale

The trendy mosaic scale looks quite modern and the mosaic pattern is quite different and stylish. Victorian plumbing houses other accessories with mosaic designs and similar blue and white colors which one can pair up for a nice bathroom decor.

3. The black and chrome scale goes into the black beauty combo pretty well. It looks classy and well designed.  And black is actually beautiful.

4. The highly contemporary styled bathroom scale is fir for the modern look bathrooms. This one also goes for the classy black and white combo.

5.  Silver body fat bathroom scale
The digital silver scale not only looks contemporary but also is contemporary. Along with telling you your weight it also calculates your body fat, so keep your weight and body fat in check and stay healthy.

6.  Wooden bathroom scale
For the arts and handicraft lovers and those who like to stick to neutral and all that’s natural, here’s a wooden bathroom scale just for you. Match them up with the earthy and wooden accessories of your bathroom.
7.Silver glitter bathroom scale
The silver glitter one is for those who like the bling. A shiny and sparkaling option to keep fit and healthy.

8.  Square glass bathroom scaleThe transparent and clear glass accessories lure one and all. And they are a craze these days. So keeping in mind the popular tastes and likes of the masses a range of glass scales has been introduced.

9.  Contour square glass bathroom scaleThe base of the Contour square glass bathroom scale is very well designed and chic. It looks highly contemporary and goes with almost any interior style.

10. Oval glass bathroom scaleThe Oval glass bathroom scale is another such accessory that gels well with any of the designs. All the glass scales have a digital meter to check out the weight.

11. Round glass bathroom scale
The perfect Round glass bathroom scale is a beauty. With such a trendy and captivating base it is one of my personal favourites. A must have accessory that will not merely match up with interiors but add on to the look of your bathroom and stand out appealingly to woo you to check your weight every day.

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